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A little about us 

At Outsource Advantage, we are your trusted partner for bookkeeping service. We provide support services for UK accountancy practices to help them streamline their operations and to achieve their goals by empowering them to confidently make strategic decisions. Our dedicated team of professionals understands the unique challenges faced by the practice sector today and provides personalized solutions tailored to their requirements We take great pride in our position offering unparalleled excellence in services while maintaining the utmost affordability. 

In our core, we embrace modernity and continuous evolution by incorporating the latest technology into business processes. We are fully cloud integrated, which helps us to to extend steadfast support  remotely to our clients. In doing so, we place great emphasis on upholding a high level of care towards ensuring data protection, social responsibility, and customer satisfaction. By partnering with Outsource Advantage, you can focus on what you do best while leaving your books in capable hands.

Why us?

Our extensive experience and expertise in the field ensure that accurate and reliable information are always at your disposal, which is crucial for the success of any business. Additionally, our commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology, including artificial intelligence, enables us to streamline processes, reduce costs, and save valuable time. Furthermore, our dedication to exceptional customer service, professionalism, and confidentiality ensures a trustworthy and productive partnership. By choosing to partner with us, you can expect top-notch services  tailored to meet your unique needs, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of your business.

At least 50% reduction in costs

By partnering with us, you'll achieve a massive reduction in payroll costs while receiving continuous flexible business support.

GDPR Compliant

Data protection is one of our top priorities and we adhere to the GDPR regulations and guidelines. We don't just tick the boxes, but we are better, we use the most secure servers, and latest technology to protect our clients from data breaches and cyber attacks.

One Tap Away

We provide continuous support to our clients throughout business hours via live chat, emails, or why not ring us up? We are always by your side.

Diverse pool of experience

Our backgrounds afford us the ability to see things from a number of different perspectives and to come up with creative solutions.

Customer Focused

We invest in our customers, we work alongside them and go beyond limits to achieve their objectives and to bring a smile on their face.


We pride ourselves for upholding high moral standards. Our 4 core values are Integrity, Empathy, Customer-driven and Inclusiveness.

Meet our cheerful team

Akash Ram

Managing Director

The founder and director, with strong commitment, vision  and versatile experience from Audit, Accounts and Education sector. 
Qualifications - ACCA, MSc , BSc

ZEN Ruby


A renowned ACCA educator  specialising in UK taxation with a background from Business consultancy. 
Qualifications - ACCA, BSc (Hons)

Anuja Ram


ACCA finalist with expertise in accounting, forensic auditing, and supporting international market expansion for multi-national corporates.
Qualifications - MSc( Forensic audit), BSc, ACCA (pursuing final exam)

Farsheen FIRSHAD

Junior Accountant

A passionate ACCA aspirant with an  engaging personality and realising potential.
Qualifications - ACCA part qualified, B.Com (Finalist)

Our Engagement Models

Custom Portfolio

Under this bespoke arrangement, we extend to you the invaluable opportunity to designate a select portfolio of your esteemed clients, enabling our adept team to impeccably handle all back-office responsibilities on your behalf. By embracing this solution, you can experience a profound sense of assurance, as a substantial share of your professional workload is expertly managed by our proficient experts.

 This particular option is thoughtfully recommended for clients who have already established a stable and consistent client base, where monthly workload distribution remains evenly balanced throughout the year. By availing yourself of this service, you are afforded the luxury of redirecting your focus towards the strategic expansion of your business, capitalizing on growth opportunities and strengthening market presence.

To ensure added stability and more reliable forecasting for your business, we are pleased to offer a price lock under this model. This feature guarantees that you receive consistent and predictable pricing, safeguarding against market fluctuations and enabling better financial planning. Furthermore, our commitment to excellence extends to providing the flexibility of upscaling services based on your dynamic business requirements. This means that as your enterprise grows and demands evolve, our service capabilities readily adapt to meet your evolving needs seamlessly.

Business Flexi

By selecting this option, you gain the flexibility to adapt your workload according to your business's specific demands. Whether you need to scale up operations during peak periods or reduce them during lulls, this choice proves to be highly advantageous, particularly if your workflow exhibits periodic fluctuations. 

 Under this arrangement, we follow a monthly invoicing process with an option to scale up or down in the following months, ensuring transparent and efficient billing procedures. This way, you can accurately track expenses and maintain a clear overview of the services provided. However, this option will not provide a long-term price lock, rather a custom quote will be generated based on your periodic requirements.

 By leveraging this scalable approach, you empower your business to optimize resource allocation and maintain an agile stance in response to changing market dynamics. Our services stand ready to accommodate your evolving requirements, enabling you to meet challenges with confidence and efficiency. 

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